Razzzerooo Players: Flickzy, Gripey, Peterbot, npen, Pablowingu, Bevvys, Pixie, Dela, Moneymaker, Fnajen - First year of coaching on his own and with the assitance of sponsors or orgs.
- Approaches coaching with an emphasis on making and keeping the players as happy as possible
- Seeks out emerging talent rather than the biggest names, so that he can use his experience to help mold them into top players
Coach Fox
Coach Fox Players: Zara, Zangi, Swizzy, Putrick, Vexi, Dabuel, Liwshe, Stenno - Constantly evolving and searching for any edge that he can provide his players. Approaches each player differently, and caters his coaching to best adapt to their needs--both as a player and person
- This year, focused on creating stronger relationships with his players. The goal being to help make learning easier by breaking through the coach/player barrier.
- Emphasizes making his coaching lighthearted and fun. Especially since VOD reviews can be long and boring.
Vascurado Players: Axadasz, Pingu, Persa, Kbr, Stryker - First began working with axadasz in 2021, when he had just $300 in earnings
- Develops close bonds with his players, and will spend 10-12 hours a day during the week studying to prepare his players
Has created content and plan for players to follow--available in his discord--to help players collect their first earnings in Fortnite
Kahtaz Players: Alex, Worthy, Pumpkin, Oatley, Danath, Vortex, Source, Yumi, Hellfire - Worked with players across EU, NA, and OCE
- Believes that his role as a coach isn't to work with the top players, but to develop those he works with into top players
Dias Players: Nathes, Mojak, K1ng, Frosty, Gabzera, Nuti I'm proud to bring players that no one knows and often criticize to develop with me, I prefer to work like this, shaping future talents and showing everyone that we should never doubt anyone, even when the person has a disability like gabzera. Over the course of 1 or 2 years, players who worked with me ranged from less than 1k or even from 0 to 30k dollars or more.

Bloodx Players: TaySon, Queasy, Clix, Pinq, Eomzo, Rise, Merstach, Veno, Vadeal, MrSavage,Vic0

Sjokoladen Players: Hen, Vaske, Endretta, Faki, Bucke, Cam, Okis, Cooper, Mero

Sven Players: Acorn, Cold, Fatch, Pamstou, Hellfire, Nebs, Cented, Badsniper, Artskill, Death, Tahi, Kwanti, Reet, Epikwhale, Kyry, P1ng, zAndy, refsgaard, Xsweeze

Captor Players: FKS, Adapter, Parz, Bacca, FHD, Hero, ClarityG, Trashy, Hijoe, Trexer, Cooper, Mero, Hen, Packo, Bacon, Batman Bugha

Gorilon Players: Phzin, Kitoz

Cector Players: Cadu, Tisco