Rising Stars Rising Stars

Current Roster: Jsick, Zuko, Kickz, Carti

Previous Members (2023): nosn, Ceneto, Decyy, Flood

- Have increased their content output substantially, and committed to growing that aspect of their brand for their players
- Hosted numerous events and tournaments, zonewars and competitive, to feature both established pros and emerging players
- Launched their merch store, featuring their own line of mousepads
- Have accomplished all of this in just their first year
Nature Nature

Current Roster: Russ, Tayler, Rabbit, Koochan

Previous Members (2023):

- Are committed to their players growth outside of esports, with programs to help educate their players for a second career after their playing days conclude
- Have several events and tournaments that they host throughout the year. This includes the NGJ Cup, an in person LAN event
- Provide education opportunities for students to learn design, event production, and video editing, to help train others to work in the esports industry
- Created a fan community where they actively engage with their fans

Current Roster: MrSavage, Endretta, Nyhrox

Previous Members (2023): Skram

- Released several 00SQUAD episodes featuring their players, as well as major figures and brands like F2 driver Dennis Hauger, Vogue Scandinavia, and musician d4vd
- Created a video in partnership with Intel where they 3D animated MrSavage
- Hosted a Fortnite bootcamp with Endretta, MrSavage, and Nyhrox
- Traveled with their players to competitive events like DreamHack San Diego and FNCS
- Hosted a 00NATION GAME NIGHT on a boat in Norway, as well as another GAME NIGHT in London.
Atlantic Atlantic

Current Roster: Liwshe, Stenno, MariusCOW, M0ne

Previous Members (2023):

- Part of their core values are their dedication to both their players and their fans
- Have hosted several education initiatives in Denmark and online to help mold young talent
- Their academy engages with over 300 Fortnite players, and host weekly events
- Haven’t claimed a single percentage of their players earnings to date, reinforcing their commitment to player success and well-being
Cyber Tottem Cyber Tottem

Current Roster: Howly, Anch0r, Art1st, Fir3hunter, NeFrizi, Panzer

Previous Members (2023): Eltensy, Kogeni, Qroll, Hizixx, 1sha

- CyberTottem was founded in 2023 and finished the year as one of the top 10 organizations in Europe.
- We hosted a number of community tournaments and custom games which gave thousands of dollars to players.
- CyberTottem would have been represented at the FNCS Global Championship had Russian players not been banned.
- We have an open academy roster, anyone can apply on our discord server and after reviewing it, a person can possibly be a part of our team.
- Our team created content around our players and built an active discord for our community.
Northern Star Northern Star

Current Roster: G13ras, Kiandro, Scroll

Previous Members (2023): Moneymaker, T3eny, Eitsu, QB, Yousri, Vacan

- This year, we competed in more than 250 Cash Cups, 5 FNCS finals, and 6 LAN event finals. We have won nine different finals, finished second 11 times, and third four times.
- We invested in Moneymaker’s branding because he was a young and talented player. We were able to lay a solid basis for him as an esports athlete, and his value improved significantly while working with us.
- We have the best-ranked women's team in Europe, having one of our players ranking in the top three among European women's players. We also worked hard to promote the women's Fortnite sector through content creation and player branding, and we were successful
- With our actions, we also hope to encourage young Finnish people to compete in the game, which we believe we have accomplished. Every year, we also give new stars of the future a chance through our Talent Roster project, in which we sign young Finnish people. For example Repairs, who began his career in this program, now represents Siko Esports and is a better known name in the Fortnite scene.
Monaco Monaco

Current Roster: Merstach (EU), Veno (EU), Axadasz (BR), edson (BR), Xeat (BR), Gabzera (BR)

Previous Members (2023): airkNn (EU), DABUEL (EU)

- We invest into nurturing our players and it has resulted in remarkable growth and impressive performance.
- We created a content series that highlights our players’ journeys and educates the Fortnite community.
- It is important to build an environment that supports and values the players. Their well-being is a priority. The approach has helped us maintain a positive and productive team atmosphere.
- We hosted several online events, including the FaZe x Monaco Tournament, and participated in community driven initiatives while further promoting the spirit of competitive Fortnite
Summit Summit

Current Roster: AidenKBM, Dequented, Cyriz, Ethor

Previous Members (2023): Gooch

- Have emphasized player development, and under the Summit banner players have seen tremendous growth in their earnings and event placement
- They went from having zero players with earnings in 2022, to multiple FNCS Grand Finalists in 2023
- Have begun focusing on providing additional content, and help shine a light on their players. Just this month they put out their most viewed video to date


Current Roster: Anon, Woodsy, Mace, Riverszn, Kuta

Previous Members (2023): volx

- The creators, players, management team and production have all made amazing strides in the space by working together and developing underrated talent within the region.
- We strive for the highest quality of care for not only my players but also my managers staff, community and anyone involved within BFG; mental health and education being at the forefront.
- Community involvement via supporting our grinders and community feedback to help us grow into what we are now and are becoming. Chels has been a big part of that hosting community customs.
- After signing Anon, he won an Olympic Gold and finish in 2nd at Red Bull Highground
Repulse Repulse

Current Roster: Current roster: Mania, Bqbrie, SR3

Previous Members (2023): Max, Defiable, Elder, Kenny

- Achieved remarkable success in Fortnite competitions, winning numerous championships in both Fortnite-hosted and third-party tournaments. While also secureing top podium finishes in FNCS, highlighted by 2nd place finsih in NAW FNCS.
- Curated top-tier roster lineups in both competitive Fortnite and content creation, while overseeing the growth and development of those lineups. At the same time, nurturing brand evolvement and engagement between Repulse and its members.
- Introduced and created two ongoing video series, Meet the Repulse Member and Repulse Report, furthermore developing the brand connection between the organization and its members. This strategic approach played a significant role in strengthening the brand's identity.
- Successfully merged lifestyle and gaming by hosting numerous community events, launching three different lifestyle clothing drops, and signing multiple lifestyle creators, alos producing a diverse style of branded content.

Current Roster: Tinka, Resignz, Deymoq, Spoctic, Kalco

Previous Members (2023): Skits, Pumpkin

- Our organization was well represented in almost every major Fortnite event this year. We finished with 19 tournament wins and over $70,000 earned in 2023.
- Our team consistently created content with over 30 uploads in the last 10 months, including our first IRL content.
- Overall JFT's Youtube channel gained 230k views this year.


Current Roster: Buzzo, Convic, Dynamic, Evol, Nach, OSydd, Sxhool

Previous Members (2023):

- Are committed to their players growth and well being--and it shows--as evidenced by their 70% player retention from 2022 to 2023
- Consistently field a roster that is amongst the most competitive within the Fortnite space--despite working with a much smaller budget than the other top organizations
- Have increased their output and focus on content, with the goal of providing more avenues to help showcase their players

Orkadia Orkadia

Current Roster: Fnajen, S1ned, Srapt, Jxky, Vagera, Prism, Reyy

Previous Members (2023): G13ras, Grolzz, Fir3hunter

- Orkadia is a team that was formed in December 2022, Our goal was to build a team of talented players and content creators and work closely on their long term development and brand and supporting each and everyone on their journey.
- Orkadia's work ethic and trust in our team shows in the results. Competing in every FNCS Grand Finals every season since we were formed and most recent FNCS Global Championship.
- Orkadia has created content based around our players and aim to increase the output as we look to showcase our creative ideas with a unique series coming soon that showcases the players and the whole theme around the brand and what makes Orkadia....Orkadia.
- Orkadia has hosted numerous events and competitions. Whether it be a competitive cup to zonewars to even the community based events. All which featured pros and up and coming talent within the community.
Xen Xen

Current Roster: Xerx, RichHomieQuinn

Previous Members (2023): Pollo

- Has given their players and creators the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands like Ally bank, Draft Kings, 7/11 and more in various endeavors. Their partnership with Paradox Customs has resulted in Xen providing more than a dozen custom PC’s to their roster.
- Had their largest growth ever in 2023, growing from 10 million combined followers to 25 million across socials, proving to be one of the most impactful organizations in Fortnite.
- Started their own UEFN map building team, Xen Creative, with three builders currently on the roster and more still to come.
- Their focus, experience, and expertise working with major brands provides a unique and powerful opportunity for their roster that is unparalleled within the space.
EvozA EvozA

Current Roster: charyy, DABUEL, Shamokiy, T3eny

Previous Members (2023):

- EvozA Esport had reopening in July 2023 after 2 years disbanded. We won several cups during the years and managed to go to the 2023 World Championship.
- We managed to give to our players the best support possible, offering them technical support such as graphic design, video editing but also to support them in their career when needed. We created content around our players in the objective to make even more to make our players pillars of our Organization
- We participate in all events and aim to host more community events.

A2 A2

Current Roster: Koyota, Goma, Taka, Gyen

Previous Members (2023): LODSTK


Current Roster: Xmipolo, ZAZI

Previous Members (2023): Yuma, Zerokun

Crazy Raccoon Crazy Raccoon

Current Roster: Pepo, Naetor, Alice, Qjac, Runa, Rizart, Ess

Previous Members (2023):

Detonation FocusMe Detonation FocusMe

Current Roster: Rainy, Harukiyo, Buyuriru, Albedo, Aim

Previous Members (2023):

Riddle Riddle

Current Roster: WildHawk, Shunsyan, Bob, Maufin

Previous Members (2023): Rimr

Ultimate Warriors Ultimate Warriors

Current Roster: Rui, Wickesy, Cl4x, Jaemon

Previous Members (2023): Rime, FU-FU PANDA, Michael

ZETA Division ZETA Division

Current Roster: Minipiyo, Zagou, Bykn, Shiras

Previous Members (2023): Yusea

F4tality F4tality

Current Roster: Night, Snohxx, Pardal, lzuki, Texz

Previous Members (2023): Axadasz, edson, Akla, Pingu

Hero Base Hero Base

Current Roster: OPai, Phzin, Kitoz

Previous Members (2023): Barroso

Mystic Esports Mystic Esports

Current Roster: KBR, gxT, Magni, Jxao

Previous Members (2023):

- Have built communities that appeal to both casual and competitive fans
- Just began working in Fortnite this year
- Emphasize respect, accountability, and sportsmanship both within their organization, as well as the communities that they’ve developed

T6 Esports T6 Esports

Current Roster: Parkyn, Grx, Pingu, Gon, Churri

Previous Members (2023): gxT, 1nickzrr, Warrior, Santi, Pietriin, 1Laika, Loffsz, Jxness7

Future Future

Current Roster: Nuti (BR), Ash (OCE), Deny (OCE), Fenix (ME), Simbauk (ME), Sultan (ME)

Previous Members (2023): Protoon (OCE), Lucuh (OCE), Lightxr (ME)

Aight Aight

Current Roster: Flickzy, Hijoe, Kylie, Trexer, Skydeun

Previous Members (2023): Jae, Fray, Robban, Kubx, Gripey

Apeks Apeks

Current Roster: IDrop, Krizzii

Previous Members (2023):


Current Roster: JannisZ

Previous Members (2023):


Current Roster: Rezon, Vortex, Asa, Karma

Previous Members (2023):

Gaimin Gladiators Gaimin Gladiators

Current Roster: Kami

Previous Members (2023):

Galaxy Racer Galaxy Racer

Current Roster: Malibuca, Queasy

Previous Members (2023):

Gentle Mates Gentle Mates

Current Roster: Snayzy, Podasai, Nikof

Previous Members (2023):

Guild Guild

Current Roster: Anas, VoltiaX, Mayza, Blacha, Chico, PabloWingu

Previous Members (2023): Hen

Ovation Ovation

Current Roster: Cheetiin, Jjtwo, PanixZ, Noahreyli, Kayn

Previous Members (2023): Awaer

Solary Solary

Current Roster: Clement, Floki, Artskill, DKS

Previous Members (2023): TchypSs


Current Roster: ARDI, Belusi, Grolzz, Vinq

Previous Members (2023): Shmeky, Ayarbaffo, 1lusha

Team WS Team WS

Current Roster: Turtle, YikesJxn, Kaan, Chap, Howlyy, Tillv1, Sinex

Previous Members (2023): Eltensy


Current Roster: Jalens, Wolfiez

Previous Members (2023): Eclipse, Chico, Moneymaker

Valiant Valiant

Current Roster: Trulex

Previous Members (2023): Shaykoz, Robabz, Draysir

Wave Esports Wave Esports

Current Roster: Vic0, Vadeal, Glubschi

Previous Members (2023): Pixie

Falcons Falcons

Current Roster: TaySon (EU), Yonx (ME), FHD (ME), Spy (ME), Gntl (ME), NM7 (ME)

Previous Members (2023): Andilex (EU), Leo (EU), Pinq (EU), Mansour (ME), Phantom (ME), KiritoKun (ME), Speedy (ME)

Legends Legends

Current Roster: Vanyak (EU), Pulse (ME), KaKaRot (ME)

Previous Members (2023): JKReet (ME), Salvatore (ME)

Man City Man City

Current Roster: Trippernn (EU), Skram (EU), Threats (NA)

Previous Members (2023): Hellfire (EU)

Twisted Minds Twisted Minds

Current Roster: Japko (EU), Mikson (EU), Hero (ME), Kai (ME), Arrow (ME), QnDx (ME), Rapit (ME), Souriano (ME), Phantom (ME), Sphinx (NA)

Previous Members (2023): Rew (ME)

Bravado Bravado

Current Roster: FKS, Nachiiri

Previous Members (2023): FHD, A7mdRqx

Glory Glory

Current Roster: JKReet, Smiky, VRG, Rxtr, 5aald

Previous Members (2023): Silent

Scytes Scytes

Current Roster: Clapsy, F1ick, Silxntxz, Mshary

Previous Members (2023): Escdark, Wolfizz, Sattam

Triple Esports Triple Esports

Current Roster: Balor, FHD, KiritoKun

Previous Members (2023):

Vision Esports Vision Esports

Current Roster: Rew, Mansour, Escdark

Previous Members (2023):

Warriors Warriors

Current Roster: Salvatore, 7man, Mshary (2), Snowy

Previous Members (2023):

Agent Gaming Agent Gaming

Current Roster: Bacca, Cented, Cold, Fatch, Paper, Parz, Reet

Previous Members (2023):


Current Roster: Bucke, Lacy

Previous Members (2023):

Dignitas Dignitas

Current Roster: Acorn, Bugha, Dukez, Khanada, Pgod

Previous Members (2023): Cam, Edgey, Mero

Elite Elite

Current Roster: Alliege, Eomzo, Kwanti, npen, Pxlarized

Previous Members (2023): Peterbot, PXMP, Boltz, Bylah, Ritual

Limit Limit

Current Roster: Gmoney, Kruyor, Krypas, Mechton, Owl, Vanilaz, Lawrence, MooseGGs

Previous Members (2023): Braydz, Zno, Source, Shore, Chubs, Nevify, Jagveer, Zookez

Moon Unit Moon Unit

Current Roster: Av, Diegoplayz, Duckiee II, Encrypted, Shore

Previous Members (2023):

Prodigy Prodigy

Current Roster: Buildz, Jivi, Patehk, Resypical

Previous Members (2023): Noxy, Nevify, Cerbs, Elitxe


Current Roster: Snacky

Previous Members (2023): Reet, Epikwhale, Co1azo


Current Roster: IGNA, Jelly, Milito, Edan

Previous Members (2023): Yumi, Nyx

Liquid Liquid

Current Roster: Stretch (NA), Persa (BR), EdRoadToGlory (BR), Pulga (BR)

Previous Members (2023): Seeyun (BR)

2AM Esports 2AM Esports

Current Roster: B1ur, Batman Bugha, Bully, Frost, Tavern, Twunti, Wavyjacob, Swexey, Alex (2, OCE), Gold (OCE)

Previous Members (2023): Revised, Rehan, Mew, Sxhool, Bacon, Knzo, Kruyor, Parxc, Resypical, Decyy, Saiu (OCE), Asppp (OCE), Cruzy (OCE)

Gallium Gallium

Current Roster: Minsu

Previous Members (2023): Mace, Tinka

Loyal Loyal

Current Roster: Eshz, Corrupt

Previous Members (2023): Tangmu, Seals, Aspect

Militia Militia

Current Roster: Jvano, Scoobz, Timyoshi

Previous Members (2023): Crippa

Overt Overt

Current Roster: Cazi, Vaxsr, Tyycho, Sanjog, Th0rium, Rise

Previous Members (2023): Leo, Edapt


Current Roster: Worthy, Radius, Alex, Looter, Jynx, Sync, Looter

Previous Members (2023):